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At the Korova Milk Bar

Sipping on some Moloko plus

Your own personal Voice Message
26 October

1 inch buttons, 50s, 80s, 80s music, anti-flag, anti-nowhere leage, anti-racism, anti-socialism, aus rotten, back patches, beatlemania, beatles, big sunglasses, big wallet chains, bihawks, black bracelets, bleached hair, blue meanies, body lotion, bondage, boots, bracelets, breaking things, buddha, bulimia, butterfly kisses, canada, canadians, cartoons, circle pits, clarissa explains it all, cookie dough, crayons, day dreaming, direct eye contact, doo wop music, dropkick murphys, drunk punks, dyed hair, emotional intimacy, evergreen terrace, failing school, fasting, felix the cat, free stickers, gaudy jewelry, getting hyper, girls with mohawks, glitter, glow in the dark, goodwill, green goblyn project, guys with mohawks, hair dye, hardcore, harmony, headaches, hep, hep hep hep, homosexuality, hugs, hunger, inner peace, innocence, john and yoko, knitted scarves, krip, liberty spikes, lip rings, local bands, local shows, loud noises, love, making clothes, mascara, mohawks, mosh pits, moshing, my hotel year, neon eyeliner, non-conformism, norma jean, nose rings, obsessive compulsive, obsessiveness, oi, oi punk, oldschool nickelodeon, operation ivy, patches, peace, pennies, pete and pete, piercings, purging, rainbows, records, ren and stimpy, retro clothes, revolution, ringo starr, rings, ripping paper, rocko's modern life, rude boys, rude girls, salute your shorts, ska, ska core, ska shows, skacore, skanking, spiritualism, spray paint, starvation, starving myself, steel toe boots, stretch arm strong, sub hum ans, subhumans, swing music, the beatles, the brave little toaster, the clash, the culprits, the cure, the french language, the germs, the misfits, the ramones, the sex pistols, the spitvalves, the vapors, the virus, the word penis, this eternal revolution, thrift shopping, thrift stores, thriftyness, tight jeans, tin foil, trihawks, two tone, unhappy endings, unity, vintage jewelry, vinyl, wondering, your mom, zao